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Next Saturday! Da Hood Talks Podcast ☀️

Next SATURDAY! Yyaaaayyy! I’m so excited about being a panelist on @dahoodtalkspodcast later this month!

I’m looking forward to talking about what it means to SUPPORT in many facades of life as a full spectrum (births & losses), death & sex doula! It’s gonna be fun!

Repost from @dahoodtalkspodcast:

On March 27th OMG DAT Birth part 3 LIVE show will bring you in front of an awesome panel of diverse doulas informing you about Doulas and taking your questions meet one of them: Womb Care Womxn!

ANDREA is the owner and founder of Womb Care Womxn--born and raised in Saint Louis. She supports as full spectrum doula--honoring any pregnancy discourse and outcome, weather births, abortions, miscarriages, stillbirths & neo-natal deaths. As a death doula, she honors the dying by providing sacred and loving support during a person's transition. In January, Andrea completed her sex doula training with National Black Doulas Association. It's her joy to assist Black folks prioritize pleasure in their everyday lives.

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