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Open Letter: Happy Birthing Day to a Client!

Young star ⭐️—

a year ago, you did one of the most challenging things a human can do: birthed a whole & healthy babe! It’s not only Sina Rai’s birth day, but it’s yours, as well. Happy Anniversary of your birthing & Happy birthday!

it’s been such an honor & blessing to have supported you in your birth space, to watch and assist. And to pour into you. To see and move with the dips and turns in your pregnancy and mental health. It was wild to ride some of the waves with you.

just wanted to let you know I’m so proud of & inspired by you. If you ever doubt in your abilities as a human to be soft and strong at the same damn time, please look back @ this.

what you've been able to accomplish beautifully (and some you will continue to do):

-holding the idea of mamahood in your mind

-carry a pregnancy full term

-do & maintain emotional and physical care

-birth a wild, amazing & healthy Sag

-P A R E N T I N G

if you ever need any toddler support, like assistance helping Sina regulate her emotions, learning languages (and expression) , helping with food choices, gross motor activities, even potty training later, I’m here for it!

I love you so much! your forever doula


Owner of Womb Care Womxn


📸 @jazb_snappin

(Used with permission)

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