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Birthing your baby without fear is a radical act of resistance in a patriarchal and sexist society that feels it can control us. ⠀

I want to encourage you for a second to think about how early your body started being policed. For many of us it starts as soon as we enter puberty (in most cases even earlier). How many of us started taking birth control in our teens prescribed for numerous ailments from acne to heavy, painful periods? Think about the first time someone told you what or what not to put on your body. Think about the first time you were told not to touch your own intimate body parts. What about the first time you were told not to have sex or get pregnant or you’d be a dirty sinner? ⠀

Many of us are carrying these intense burdens of fear when it comes to our own bodies. This makes it extremely difficult to be confident in our birthing bodies when our entire lives we’ve been told our bodies don’t belong to us. ⠀

In my Conscious Childbirth class, I discuss these paradigms and help folks find their confidence by first getting reintroduced to their bodies and learning how to communicate with themselves and their support person. Finding your own best ways to cope in labor and birth starts with learning more about who you are and connecting with your body. The earlier you can get started working through the process, the better, especially if your fear is intense. ⠀

For more info on my Conscious Childbirth Class please visit

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