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Going on a Pleasure Break!

Taking a break and exploring all the things that bring pleasure (outside of social media and work). It's going to feel so energizing to take this 2 week break: January 31st to February 13 participating in Gigi Dowell's Declutter Detox program during this time.

I plan on making body butters, doing meditations/chants, sleeping in, doing virtual friends/crushes dates, taking nature walks, etc. And so much much (But I'll keep to myself because I'm a Scorpio)

I'm setting up my emails/DM/messages etc to prepare for this break. No WORK (welp, I have a few business related things to do). And all PLEASURE.

If you need me, email me; Know that I'll respond to 'em around the 14th.

I'm so ready for this deep REST.

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