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Pleasure Mapping...

“Pleasure mapping is a useful tool and practice that helps us explore our body, identify our sensual desires, and discover new erogenous zones.

Pleasure mapping encourages exploring outside of the genitals and seeing how other body parts feel when caressed, grabbed, stroked, suckled, slapped, tickled, etc.

By slowing down to listen to, and feel, our body’s messages and responses to sensation we can learn so much about ourselves. Where has our body been craving touch? Which body parts have we wanted to explore more?

From the back of our knee, the curve of our ear, to the middle of our foot, we may find that other parts of our body have been waiting for more attention and intentional touch.

If you found this exercise helpful, pick up Afrosexology’s workbook for more in-depth learning and exercises like pleasure mapping.

Link in bio 🔗

What would be on your pleasure map?”

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