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Pleasure Mapping workshop next weekend!

Next Saturday (March 5, 2022) at 11am CST/ 12p EST, I'll be leading my second workshop on pleasure mapping! (Yay)

Pleasure mapping is an intentional act of “mapping” what parts of the body loves very specific pleasure through touch/sensations. It’s a way to explore pleasure through touch. To figure out what intensity, temperature, tempo you love!

Find out what sensations you love, what brings you sensual pleasure-- know your body. (And if you’re doing this mapping with a partner/s, you learn about their bodies, too)

During this time, you'll learn:

What pleasure mapping is

Why pleasure mapping is important for your pleasure

How to uncover your pleasure through exploring touch

Tips on expanding your pleasure

How to support your partner uncover their pleasure/s

I have space for 25 attendees. It's gonna be cool, so if you're interested, buy your tix now:

Attendees: Please email me: songs that bring you so much pleasure! We can play them during the workshop, okay?

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