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Pleasure & sex doula

Hey ya’ll! I just wanted to formally introduce myself! I’m Andrea, a pleasure and sex doula. I love all things pleasure, sex and kink.

In January, I completed my training as a sex doula with @nationalblackdoulas. I learned so much about anatomy, kundalini energy, sexual health, chakra energy as it relates to sex & techniques that help Black womxn prioritize pleasure, yummy sex, and body automomy in their lives.I’m here for it!

Before my training, I’ve spent years prioritizing pleasure in my own life by creating pleasure goals, creating pleasure affirmations and realizing that I’m worthy of pleasure. Period. Whether sexual or sensual.

I love helping other Black womxn & femmes do the same: reclaiming their own pleasure & making it important in their DAILY lives. I also love teaching that a balanced root & sacral chakra are the key to having a fuller, creative and more sexy life! I love offering techniques to fully support this.

I love kink, as well. Even though I’m a novice, I’ve been learning so much about how liberating it can be.

If you’re interested in learning more about what I do & how I can support you on your sexy, and pleasure-filled journey, hit me up: andrea@wombcarewomxn. You can book a pleasure and sex doula consulation on my site:

Can’t wait to chat & connect!

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