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Pleasure Tips for Pregnant Parents

Try out these pleasure tips for pregnant parents & let me know how you love them! Lol

-Use Kinesiology Tape (KT) to relieve pain. KT helps to relieve the pressure on the back, belly & pelvis. It’s a sweet alternative to belts, braces that pregnant parents might alleviate discomfort. KT is a stretchy cotton tape with adhesive on the back. Its stickiness is activated by your body heat.

-Start a pleasure pleasure journal. Grab a special notebook & write down 3 things that bring you pleasure for the day. Decorate & mark it. ONLY write about things that bring you joy & pleasure here. So, no grocery list, every day notes, kid drawings or doodles, etc (if you can help it) lol

-Pleasure Map in the shower/bath. Pleasure Mapping is the intentional act of ‘mapping’ what temperatures, intensity, direction feel good to your body. Since you’ll be in the shower/bath, it’s extra CALMING.

-Create a sensual playlist. Just because. Listen to it while you do everyday activities like stretching, mothering, cleaning, paying bills, working on art, etc.

-Stretch and/or dance!

Learn more about Pleasure Mapping & how to prioritize pleasure everyday as a pregnant person during my worksop, “Pleasure Mapping for Pregnant Parents”. It’s Sunday January 22 @ 1p CST. in virtual land (Zoom)

Take good care & happy pregnancy!

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