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Praise for the Birthday Lady!

It’s my birthday! 🥳 (and I’ve been laying low and turning up privately like a good Scorp ♏️ does) and for the past few years now I ask myself two questions: 💜How do I want to celebrate myself? 💚How do I want to be celebrated by other people? I have a HUGE praise kink! And I’d love if you privately ♏️messaged/callled/texted/DMed me how I’ve made a sweet impact on your life. That would make me happy today. 🥹🥹🥹 And if you felt moved to financially support me or my business today, send me your monies via Cashapp: $wombcarewomxn- It would move me, too! Thank you kindly! Enjoy your hump day! (I was actually born on a Wednesday) #praisekink #birthdaywishes #onewish #praise

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