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Pre-recorded Pleasure Mapping workshops

These past few weeks, I’ve had a great time meeting new people, teaching about pleasure & leading a pleasure mapping workshop! It’s been great to facilitate convos about sensual pleasure through pleasure mapping.

Pleasure mapping is an intentional act of “mapping” what parts of the body loves very specific pleasure through touch/sensations. It’s a way to explore pleasure through touch. To figure out what intensity, temperature, tempo you love!

Find out what sensations you love, what brings you sensual pleasure-- to re-introduce yourself to your new body-in a kind and gentle way.

Benefits of Pleasure Mapping

  • Helps to ground or calm

  • Boosts your body awareness & confidence

  • Increases circulation

  • Decreases blood pressure

If you’re interested, check out my pre-recorded Pleasure Mapping workshop. Only $10. Up on my website:

If you’re interested in pleasure mapping with me virtually, check out book a session here:

Let’s connect soon!

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