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PRIDE Pleasure Mapping Review

A review from my 1:1 Pleasure Mapping session this month:

“Andrea has a welcoming and calming vibe that made it easy to open up and dive into the pleasure mapping experience with ease and comfort. I recommend her, especially if you have social anxiety and want to explore expanding your pleasure/s.”

It makes me happy to support other Black queer folks who have anxiety, too. Pleasure isn’t just something you explore when all internal and external factors are ‘perfect’. (cuz that ish doesn’t exist & that ish ableist)

We are working on exploring pleasure around our human conditions and experiences: in grief, through illness, chronic diseases, anxiety, etc.

This made my heart sing.

I’ll be facilitating a group Pleasure Mapping session this Sunday, if you’re interested. Email me: for details.

Let’s connect soon!

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