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Re-introducing Myself...

Peace & Happy Monday! Hope you're okay. I'm Andrea. I'm a full spectrum doula who loves to support families move through many experiences in life: birth, pregnancy + infant loss, grief & death. I live in Saint Louis, MO & support virtually, as well.

I bring alot of tranformation & spirited services as a Scorpio (I can be very passionate & intense, too)

In addition to supporting families, I'm a card slinger, childbirth educator, reiki practitioner & Cat Mama (leaning into all the hilarious sterotypes)

Three amazing things about me:

  1. I'm pretty intuitive (indigo child born under a Cancer rising)

  2. I'm a strategist (very intentional in my personal & professional lives)

  3. A good friend (I be listening with my entire heart + mind)

Three whack things about me:

  1. I can be a know it all (I'm not gonna hold ya)

  2. Sometimes I'm an all-or-nothing human (Sometimes that doesn't work in my personal life)

  3. I can be obsessive (Once I get ahold of an idea, I can hold on it for dear life & pick at it--it's alot)

What are 3 amazing & whack things about you? Reply back & let me know.

*I'm accepting new birth & loss clients right now. If you've gotten this far in this post & you'd love for me to support one of your journeys, let's connect soon. Send me an email: & Check out all my offerings on my website:


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