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Rebranding (Say what now?!)

So excited and thankful to rebranding to Womb Care Womxn healing services. With this new branding, I'll be focused on healing services--so reiki services & pleasure mapping. All under one umbrella.

Why rebrand, you may ask? LOL! For the past year or so, I've been focusing on those two things: reiki and pleasure. They've brought me alot of joy. And I know I've supported @ full capacity with these two services. Also, offering both those services help to make me live a more pleasure-centered life. That's really important to me.

Will I still be doing birth work? Yes, it's my intention to support with ONE queer Black family in 2024. To support them in their pregnancy to postpartum. If you know a family who would love the support of another queer Black person, they can email me: Andrea@wombcarewomxn.

I'll also be working on daydreaming, envisioning, working and launching my first childbirth education classes next year. (They will be both pre-recorded & LIVE) I haven't decided how many LIVE classes I'll facilitate though. But stay tuned in.

What's my mission with these new services: To support the wholeness & healing of Black womxn and folx through reiki and pleasure mapping. (just like in all the work I do)

Ideal clients: Black women, femmes and folx

queer people


indigo chlidren (like myself)


pleasure seekers

healers (of all modalities)

other doulas (who are interested in reiki and pleasure mapping training)

change makers

(and more--I'll update this later)

What are my offerings?


-group reiki infomation classes (for both clients and practitioners)

-group Kundalini reiki sessions

-1:1 Kundalini reiki sessions

-1:1 Kundalini reiki attunement/training

My group informaiton classes are $30/attendee for clients & $45 for practitioners

My group reiki sessions are $45/clients

1:1 Kundalini Reiki sessions are $90/session

1:1 Kundalini Reiki training: $555


-group Pleasure Mapping workshops

-1:1 Pleasure Mapping virtual sessions

-7 Day Solo Pleasure Challenge

My group Pleasure Mapping workshops are $35/workshop

1:1 Pleasure Mapping virtual sessions are $65/session

The 7-Day Solo Pleasure Challenge is only $10 to join. This challenge helps to increase our creativity, find out what lights us up & helps us prioritze pleasure everyday! Download Wix to join here:

I'm open to collabing with groups and businesses whose professional and personal values align with mine. Let me know if you have any questions!

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