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Reminiscing / Missouri SBDC

Happy Monday!

As I'm gearing up to attend in a virutal event / class through my state's career development center, 'How To Make Money in Your Sleep", I'm thinking about about how real & quick & uncertain times were in 2021.

I remember working virutally @ my former gig full time. On the verge of quiting. I had already told lmy former supervisor that I wasn't coming back to work in April (Chile, that was one of the hardest conversations I've had to date. dramatic Scorpio pause ) @ the time I was working / supporting families of young children WHILE working on my Full Spectrum Doula training with Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings. And dealing with the uncertainty of how'd I'd support myself once I let my job go. I was so scared, ya'll. For real.

I'm looking forward to seeing what ways I can make passive income while in this class.

If you're living in Missouri & you're looking for free classes to take to help build or fortify your business, check out the Missouri Business Development Center.

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