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Seeking New Kundalini Reiki clients

Seeking new & empowered Black Kundalini Reiki clients. Kundalini is Sanskrit for "coils in the hair of the beloved". It's believed to be a powerful and creative force that's in everyone! Kundalini energy lies dormant in many folks. Kundalini is represented as a tightly coiled snake @ the bottom of our tailbone (root chakra) When it's activated (through reiki) the energy rises up and snakes through our chakras starting at the base, to our sacral & works it's way up & out of the crown chakra. To Universal force. This connection to the Universe can ease us into total consciousness/enlightenment. Energies & chakras are being balanced and strengthened during sessions. During attunement: You many feel or experience sensations/warmth/cold See colors/images Feel nothing/see nothing at all But Kundalini energy is rising, nevertheless. Raising Kundalini energy through attunement benefits: Easier to manifest things you want in life Boosts your creativity Raise your vibrations Gives courage & ability to heal yourself and others If you're interested learning more or booking a Reiki session Thanks! #Blackhealer #Blackreikipractitioner #KundaliniReiki #wombcarewomxn

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