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Self care tip

There’s alot of pressure to create resolutions/intentions/goals

around the new year. This year isn’t different. It’s so crazy: we are moving through a global pandemic and still feel like we need to create goals for the ENTIRE year.

Yesterday, a friend asked me what are some things that I’ll spend less time doing this year. She also asked what are some things I’ll spend more time doing this year. My response: I can’t commit to anything and I won’t. That’s how I’m gonna show myself gentleness this year.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have action steps for things I’ve committed to last year. I’m just saying, I’m not holding myself hostage to my intentions. And definitely not for an entire year. I do know, however, how these planets will be shifting this year & impact certain aspects of my life. (I finished my “The Year Ahead” with Chani Nicholas for Cancer rising). Saying I can’t commit to saying what I DEFINITELY won’t/will do for the ENTIRE year means alot, especially for a human like me who plans her life to the T.

I’m definitely going to be gentle with myself by going with the flow. I’ll be seeing how things develop, deep breathing, praying to my ancestors, checking in with my body/mind/heart about decisions, etc. Taking things so slow and easy. I’m happy about it.

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