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Self care tip/smudge mugwort

For accessibility:

Self care tip- Smudging with mugwort tends to calm people & spaces. Don’t forget to open windows as you cleanse with it.


Mugwort is an aromatic flowering plant in the genus Artemisia. It goes by other common names such as Saint John’s herb & Chrysanthemum weed, among other things. Some of its properties are antibacterial, antifungal, nervine: nerve calming, emmenogogue: promotion of healthy and regular menstrual cycle, and more. Some folks have used mugwort boost their energy & promote circulation.


Mugwort is closely associated with dreams & divination. People put in under their pillow, make it into a tea to relax before bed and/or smudge it to cleanse a space.


Pregnant people or folx who breast/chest feeding shouldn’t use it. Also people who have moderate to severe allergies, especially to ragweed, shouldn’t use it, as well. Side effects tend to be mild, tho.


Mugwort is pretty accessible & adorable. I bought my mugwort from the lovely @3rdeye.divine. Check out her site to order now:


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