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Sexual liberation

Repost from @sexedwithirma

❤️ TW—trauma, sexual

💖 When we talk about sex, there’s a possibility shame or pain will arise. When things are scary, we run. When we are triggered, we react. Trauma creates dissociation; it is the disconnect from self that comes as a response to the traumatizing event. Sexual shame can prevent us from living a healthy sex life (and this is subjective to each individual but as long as sexuality is being met with compassion, no judgement, safety, and curiosity, it’s considered valid and healthy. Your sacral chakra which sits 2 inches below the belly button 🧘🏽‍♀️ is the center for sexual energy and when this is balanced, the person radiates warmth, confidence, and compassion). 🔮

💖 I believe that sexuality has been deeply misunderstood and scorned, so the sexual energy ✨that runs through us must be cherished and nurtured. In order to heal, we must start talking about it—the good, the bad, the ugly—in safe spaces, with love, understanding, intentionality, and no judgement, with people we trust.

💖 I also believe in the mind-body-spirit approach 💞 because what happens internally affects us externally, and vice versa.

💖 To be able to hold space for awareness around sexual shame, you must create a safe space internally. You can use this loose guideline to start: acknowledgement➡️acceptance➡️

processing at YOUR PACE➡️move forward. You are the expert of YOU ✨. Feel into what’s right for you. And throughout this process you may experience rage, sadness, fear, etc. and that’s OKAY 💞. Move stagnant energy around. Ask a friend for support. Keep up with your personal daily practice. Simply letting the feelings move out of your body is key 🔑. Take impeccable care of yourself ❤️.

— your sex educator friend, Irma 💋

💖 What do you do or how do you process sexual shame when it comes up?

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