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So, You’re Having A C-Section/Affirmations For Your Birth

My friend & doula sis Brya , founder of @abundantspiritbirth created an amazing ebook for birthing folks who are preparing for their c-section! (Check out the link in her bio to buy and download) There are so many reasons why a c-section may be necessary. For those who planned on having a vaginal birth and had to slowly or quickly shift to an unplanned c-section, I see you!

As I doula, I’m here to let you know what we are here to support you during this. We are here to hold space/actively listen, find resources for you to help you prepare (like Brya’s book or refer you to spinning babies classes in your area, if it’s early in your pregnancy), & answer any questions you may have about procedure.

For folks who had their birth plans down to a science and moved from a vaginal birth to a c-section, I’ll offer some affirmations for you:

My body and baby are doing exactly what they are supposed to do.

My baby may be doing somersaults upside down & they are healthy.

I go with the flow even as my plans shift.

My c-section will be a positive experience.

My body will heal beautifully after this surgery.

My womb is perfect & divine.

My womb will heal beautifully after this surgery.

Let me know what you think about these affirmations. Do you have any of your own? Share your c-section experience with us below. Be blessed!

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