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Soft & Vulnerable

Tweet reads: A lot of Black women were raised to be "hard" so we wouldn't get taken advantage of like our mothers n aunts did..

A lot of us didn't have the luxury of being soft and's something that we had to learn to become on our own as an adult.

Repost from @honeydewholistics “Morning

Your traumas & triggers are not your fault. However, no one else is responsible for your healing.

We all have to take the time to get to the root of our issues.

Seek therapy



Take spiritual baths



Go to the ocean

Do releasing rituals

Use herbs

Light a candle



Nourish your body . Bottom line, make your healing your first priority every single day. You are worth the time & effort.

And remember if you’re in NYC, stop by the Honeydew Holistics Womb Wellness Shop this weekend to purchase your Wise Womb herbal remedies & plant based pu$$y supplies!!

You can also schedule your Yoni Steam & Womb Wellness Sessions and purchase products from my store on my website too. The link is listed in @honeydewholistics bio

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