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Solo date mood board

It's been so long since I've taken myself out on a solo date! So happy I decided to carve out some time to enjoy myself--outside of entrepreneurship.

I know that one of my pleasure goals this month was to visit @thenoirbookshop. I am grateful I did. This was my first time visiting this Black owned book shop.

I saw some great things:

1. Queer-I loved this fuzzy coaster/card. There are other cards, too, like 'non-binary', too.

2. Wanda Coleman, a dope & raw poet--Los Angeles native, left us great gems. Thanksful I bought this book. I've always wanted one of her books.

3. I've never read "If Beale Street Could Talk", but I remember seeing the movie--Have you seen it, too?

4. What drew me to "The Legacy & the Queen" was the color & what kept me was the texture. It's so soft & fuzzy. Had no idea that Kobe Bryant wrote it.

5. O'Jays-This reminded me that I miss playing albums on record player.

6. If you know me, you know I love a good bath soak. I'll have to buy this next time.

7. I love a good journal.

9. I love Roy Ayers. Grateful he's still here with us & making great music.

10. I love Sapphire--I love that she's had so many gigs from writer to s3x worker & educator. She's such an inspiration. I read PUSH in highschool.

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