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Spiritual baths

Spiritual baths are a part of my radical self care practice. They help me relax AND set intentions and goals for myself. The baths also ground and cleanse me of other folx energies.


One thing I love to put in my baths is fragrance oil. And lately I’ve been making my own with flowers and plants, along with a carrier oil (olive, grapeseed, or coconut).


Here, I’m using dried carnation flowers (for skin softening) 🌸 & eucalyptus plant leaves (for opening up my lungs) along with olive & grape seed oil to create my own fragrant oil. I placed flowers & plants on a glass mason jar, covered with both olive & grape seed oil & closed the jar right. I’ll be waiting a few day before I strain the oil from the flowers, & pour it into my bath water.


Spiritual baths involve the 4 elements: earth, water, fire & air. For my baths, I enjoy using crystals & salt (earth), water (the bath of course, sometimes I even have my water bottle handy), burn candles (fire) & incense, sage or palo santo (air)


I also love adding other things like castor oil, splashed of Florida water, essential oils, like lemon grass (which is energizing). Before I step into my bath, I set an intention (in my head or sometimes out loud, too).


I relax for 20 minutes and become mindful of the ideas that show up during that time. After the 20 minutes, I will say “Thank you” out loud and release my intention knowing that the ancestors are working on my behalf.

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