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Repost from @cheyonna

Hello all! My friend, Andrea will be presenting her workshop: Pleasure Mapping for Every Damn Body at Sex Down South September 7-9. She is very excited about sharing this workshop during what will be her first time attending this conference. She looks forward to educating others about pleasure mapping.

In order, to participate and be able to fully be present, Andrea could use our support! Please donate what you can to support her travel which will include transportation, lodging, and food. She also welcomes any other resources you are able to share. For example, perhaps you do not have cash but do have airline points and could buy her a ticket with that. Please reach out and let us know.

Andrea would also love to see you at the Sex Down South conference. You can save $50 on your Enthusiast ticket by using her code: ANDREA when you register.

Also, if you are Black and would love to deepen your relationship to pleasure give @sensualsweetcoaching a follow.

Well wishes,


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