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Take A Social Media Break

Self Care Tip: Take a Social Media Break

Social media breaks can help us focus on our present lives, deepen our connection to the communities in our physical proximity and helps us to become more focused, in general. For folks who are on social media ALL the time, like myself, a social media break can serve as a powerful RESET.

When I took my last social media break April 1-15, I had the goal of prioritizing fun and pleasure. I loved not feeling pressure to post or engage. I loved, too, that I wasn’t distracted by other folks’ posts, stories, engagement & messages, too. I was free to experience life in a much simple way.

Here are some tips on how to do a social media break:

1. Start off small- Set an intention and a timer. Say you want to take a break for 30-45 minutes. Set a timer for that time and do something fun without logging into FB or IG. Decide to turn off your notifications, if you want/have to.

2. Let folks know that you are taking a brief social break, so if they don’t get a reply to their message, they know why.

3. Pick one day out of the week where you will limit your social media postings and engagement. You can decide to post less (or not at all) on that one day. One those ‘rest’ days decide how you will minimize your engagements and posts. Make sure it feels like a good day to rest. For me it’s Sunday. I love to relax, cook and vibe out on Sundays. I enjoy practicing mindfulness those days, too.

4. For iPhone users, we can use our phone to put limits on our time spent on social media apps. That would be a great way to make sure we take a real break.

5. For folks who desire a longer break: 48 hours or longer, it’s important to send a text, create a post letting folks know that you are taking a break. That way followers and friends won’t wonder where your posts/stories/engagement has gone. Again, it also helps to let folks know that they should send messages to you after your break.

Have you ever taken a social media break? For how long? Let me know! And if you need support in starting a social media break, I’m here for you. Just DM me. 😊

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