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The Look of Love! 🥰

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That first look 🧡

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📸PhotoCred: @thedoulaphotographer📸

Within 7 hours after their birth, infants take a big interest in studying your face.

After all, they have heard you all these months and want to see who it is that they have fallen in love with.

In this moment, your baby is not interested in nursing, getting their weight checked or being measured.

They’re interested in studying your face.

Memorizing every single characteristic that makes your face.

This is their moment to gaze into your eyes.

They have been waiting for this moment as long as you have.

And when this moment is over, your baby will be able to identify your face and smell amongst a sea of people.

Your baby will always prefer you.

Relish in this moment.


Flor Cruz @_de_la_flor_

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