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Today's my anniversary as a full-time entrepreneur!

Today's my anniversary as a full-time entrepreneur!

1. I remember Apple Music playing this song on my "Get Up" playlist maybe a little bit before my last day @ my last gig! And I thought, "Wow, on my last day I'm gonna listen/sing/dance to this song" on the last day of my gig. And I did. I remember feeling so relieved and scared at the same time.

My favorite part of the song--(which makes me very emotional):

"Congratulations to you/you had to let it go/you finally let it go/glad you let it go."

I let go of a gig that was killing me slowly: I had a Latinx co-teacher who was VERY anti-Black. (I'm still processing and healing) that Was in a system that was striving to be inclusive and anti-racist, but missed the mark on so many levels. bell hooks talked about how certain things were "soul murder". Being in that space was definitely soul murder. And I was there for 6 years

I was holding on out of fear--fear of financial instability, fear of the unknown...I had no idea how's sustain myself. Fear had me in a chokehold for years! I couldn't imagine leaving this gig--even though it was damaging me emotionally and spiritually.

Thankful to Dail for nudging for the past 6 years. And encouraging me to not give my ex-employee all my energy, to leave some for myself. And setting a dope ass example of what a deep and powerful entrepreneur looks like (I always thought if you could do this with a kiddo, certainly my child-free else can do it, too)

Woo woo shit: Back in Jan. 2021, when my former employer started talking about asking virtual employees to come back in-person, I felt in my gut that I wasn't going back. Idc. And a voice of my ancestors said, "Look, if you let this go, all these doors will open up to you. All you have to do is let go." I was shaken, but I believed it. Telling my supervisor, I wouldn't be coming back. And then putting in my two weeks on March 17 was frightening.

practical shit: But I knew I had savings. And friendships to help me find resources to sustain myself.

S/o to my communities who have helped support me during this time--to folks & friends who have supported me--like Khyé, my doula mentor. To folks who have supported me financially by donating to my business and investing in my birth work.

So many come to mind: Parag, Brandi, CheyOnna, Zenique my Mom, Lorraine, Catherine, LaKisha, and a host of others. :)

I’m thankful to all of ya’ll.

IF you’d like to celebrate me today, you can donate to my Cashapp: $wombcarewomxn

Thanks so much for reading this!

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