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Today’s reading

Two of Pentacles in reverse.

Sooo, I made an intention to pull a card for the collective. (This is from the @mysticmondays deck)

This may resonate with some/maybe it won’t.

Pentacles are an earth sign card. When I see them in Rx, I see foundations cracking & in need of repair. This card reminds us that busyness does not equate to productivity. Constant thriving in one area in our lives leaves other aspects of our lives neglected and looking raggedy (I hear my granny say *RAGGEDY* in the blackest & most southern way possible. When your granny says it, you know shit is REALLY fucked up & you’re disappointing her). Pause, meditate, step away from social media for a bit & see how you’re using your physical, emotional, mental energy. Cut out the fat = spent. time. wisely. Remember that you have a CHOICE in how/what you invest.


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