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Reiki Training

Do you identify as a healer? Curious about healing yourself and activating your communities?

I wonder if there are Black folks on my timeline who may be interested in becoming Kundalini Reiki practitioners.

I'm looking to attune & support more folks this Autumn 🍂 

Attunement as a student includes:

-3 One-on-one virtual reiki sessions (each session opens & cleans specific chakra systems in the body.

1st session: crown, third eye, throat, heart (10-25 minutes) 

2nd session: solar plexus, sacral & root (10-25 minutes) (to be done between 7-10 days after 1st Attunement) 

3rd session: all chakras are strengthened & fully open. And able to teach & attune yourself & others (10-25 minutes) (to be done between around 21 days after 2nd Attunement)

-Recommendations after each session (15 minutes or so) 

-Resources about Kundalini energy & chakra systems

-Teacher & student manuals

-Extra attunements

-Phone, text, Zoom support for the next 3 months.

All of this for $555

I know how much Reiki has transformed my life and healed me since I received my Level three/3rd attunement in 2016. I'd love to chat with those who may be interested in learning from me.

If you're interested, click here: 

Email me at, if you have any questions. 

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