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What I've been up to!

Wishing you all a resilient, supportive, prosperous, creative and love filled 2021!

I spent late Nov. and the month of December giving myself time to breathe, relax and hibernate somewhat. After all, it is winter. In nature, perennials die, the trees go bare, the temperature drops, too. I felt like it was time to slow down a bit, especially since life (and death) felt like it was on hyper drive since March.

During my #pause, I:

1. Did a social media detox, in other words, I didn’t post and limited my social media usage.

2. Found sponsors for “New Year Reiki” sessions. (Thanks, folks!)

3. Had great Reiki sessions with clients (Yay)

4. Started my certification for my Pregnancy and Infant loss training.

5. Did a 48-hour vow of silence (It really taught me how powerful my words can be)

6. Completed my End of Life doula training and certification (that single thing has helped me deal with grief)

7. Manifested so many money/abundance goals (Thanks to the ancestors!)

8. Cleared my ancestor altar.

9. Attempted to do a “No negativity week” fast.

10. Intermittently fasted (but did a huge fast on the full moon)

11. Did 40 days of Shadow Work with @oubria (s/o to her!)

12. Got my hair bleached and dyed at Uhuru Salon

and so much more!

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