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What Venus in Rx has taught me

What Venus in retrograde has taught me.

VENUS, the planet of attraction, relationships of all kinds (friendships, romantic relationships, love interests, business partnerships) went into RETROGRADE in GEMINI. Gemini ♊️ is known for communication (modes of communication: verbal, on social media, body language, etc).

VENUS in Rx in Gemini has taught me many a lessons. 1. It reinforced on a collective level that not ALL my identities will be recognized and accepted. They actually will be attacked, even if we have ONE or even TWO shared identities. Clearly, I’m Black & when I talk about being Black AND woman, I’ve had heated conversations with cis Black males ahout deaths of Black cis & trans women. Have felt invisible and unheard as our deaths go on with little hell being raised.


Many of my friendships have folded as I’m reminded (a lesson from my birthday last November) that I am doing too much initiating or emotional labor. I’ve taken a FULL stop.I also have had to disconnect from so-called friends. Some friendships have really deepened their roots and flourished.


There’s been so much external fighting for me: many “spiritual” white women, cis Black males, straight Black Doulas versus me.


Yesterday, I was reminded that I was cared for and loved. For all the things I identify as. That there are spaces where I can show up completely myself and not have to tuck identities away. Even outside myself, I have a home in the hearts of many. I can relax.

I’ve learned so much!


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