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Why Hire A Black Doula

Why Hire A Black

We tend to be culturally competent.

Black doulas can understand Black lives, issues and love Black bodies (and ourselves). When we can relate to each other, we can empathize and support better.

Some *cough* of us are inclusive.

There are so many identities that Black birthing folks hold. Whether we are non-binary, cis gendered, queer, poly, trans, parents, mothers, etc, some Black doulas tend to have the capcity to hold so space for all of ‘em! Some of us understand that we have a common thread and that’s being a part of the Black Diaspora.

Most of us have the lived experience of medicalized racism. Thanks to the shameful historical MIC practices, ideals and beliefs that still haunt us today...Because of the trauma we’ve experienced in our Black bodies, (and continue to as a collective), we’ve turned our tragedy to triumph and have become great advocates. We know how to educate, protect, read body language, encourage and empower our clients.

Black doulas are a WHOLE healing!

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