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won’t you celebrate with me?

Happy birthday 🎉 to all my fellow Scorpios! ♏️

In less than a week (11/9), I’ll be starting my new year! From 11/21/to 11/21, I’ve accomplished so much! I’m looking forward to reflection & celebration!

I’m also looking forward to being celebrated! ✨

The late, great poet Lucille Clifton wrote: “won’t you celebrate with me/what i shaped into a kind of life?/ i had no model/ born in Babylon/ both nonwhite & woman/ what did i see to be except myself. i made it up/ on this bridge between starshine & clay…”

Won’t you celebrate with me?

I’m accepting gifts in the form of donations to my PayPal: or Venmo: Andrea-Richardson-43. Also, hit me up to receive the link to my amazon wish list. I plan on creating herbal infusions, body butters and deepening my healing practice this Autumn/Winter.

Thank you!

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