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Writing prompt

Repost from @queerbirthworker

i am inviting all non-Black and non-Indigenous people to tek time with this prompt. to research (from Black and Indigenous sources). to go visit (not in a creepy voyeuristic way). to listen. and then ask yourself what action you do that causes some discomfort. this action should be beyond your comfort zone and sit within your S-T-R-E-T-C-H zone. because this is where growth happens. this is where you take meaningful co-conspirator actions.

thanks again Eri Guajardo Johnson this good good medicine (and thanks to @chinatolliver for the 'medicine' verbiage!)


BBB: Decolonizing Reproductive Spaces

reflection prompt from @birthbruja

- where do the Indigenous & Black communities in your area, reside?

- what are the issues surrounding their sovereignty and what resources do they need?


hey folx. i'm king yaa (they, them, king!)

i’m a queer & trans centred reproductive health advocate who supports folx of all sexual & gender identities to have safer & inclusive repro healthcare that they need.

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