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Your body has never failed you!

Repost from @anyadoula_htx

Let’s put a few things into perspective.

1. If you are breathing, seeing, speaking, eating, hearing, digesting, eliminating waste, heart beating, and moving without assistance- your body has not failed you.

Even if at some point you were injured or ill. Especially so because your body gave you the signs and then healed! Your body performs all of this every day without YOUR prompting or assistance. Your body is the ish! Stop trying to kill its shine!

2. You may be thinking “but what about all the women who had problems in childbirth?” And to that I say, they don’t have your body and you don’t have theirs. You don’t know the details of their story. It may have been her body, it’s also highly likely that people made decisions that lead to her outcome. And then I’ll ask, “what about the millions more who had safe beautiful experiences?”. Meditate on that.

3. What feels better to you? Sitting around coming up with every possible scenario of horrible pregnancy outcomes you might experience even though you have no evidence that any of this is a possibility for you? Meaning no one on your care team has indicated to you that something is wrong with your body. And even if you do have a there a plan in place to keep you healthy and safe? Are you following the plan, and doing the work to keep your body safe and healthy?

Or does it feel better to be proactive, take the classes, do the exercises, eat good food, hire a doula, ask your doctor or midwife questions instead of Google. What I’m basically saying is, set the intention to have a good outcome, and work WITH your body to optimize that outcome?

Listen, I understand that this is scary because you’ve never done it before and there ARE all the horror stories floating around. This is what I know. Your body will perform the functions of childbirth even if you are unconscious. It will happen one way or the other. Stop torturing yourself about all the possible wrongs that may happen and focus and work toward everything that can go right. You have hired experts (doctor/midwife/specialists) to help you in case things go wrong. Leave that work to them.

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