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WCW Doula Services

We support Black birthing people & their families emotionally, practically and spiritually from conception to labor/birth and beyond. We educate, empower and energize!

 Birth Doula

Andrea proudly received her Birth, Labor and Postpartum Doula training at the Jamaa Birth Village in Ferguson, Missouri April 2019. It’s her purpose to support and advocate for Black pregnant people and their families by giving care during their pregnancy journey. 

Support includes three in-person (or virtual) prenatal visits, labor and birth assistance, on-call support (via phone, text & email) during 37 weeks of pregnancy, continuous, 12-48 hour labor support (in-person or virtual)  & two postpartum visits. 

As a birth worker, I: 

-Provide physical and emotional support to birthing person.

Provide client and their family with evidence-based research and education.

-Providing advocacy, such as making a client aware of their rights and options.

-Use massage, positioning, relaxation and other birth related techniques.

-Maintain the privacy of the individuals and communities I serve.


Postpartum support (without Labor and Birth support) includes virtual support: giving families referrals to resources for many of their needs.


Pleasure & Sex Doula

It's incredibly important that Black & Brown womxn and femmes center their own pleasure, whether sensual or sexual. Historically, our pleasure has been largely denied, ignored, and demonized. I'm here to assist folks in defining what pleasure is and means to them. I'm also here to assist in activating the sacral chakra (creativity) in us. Mostly, I desire to help folks prioritize pleasure and sex in their everyday lives! Sessions can be done one-on-one or in groups. 

Reiki Practitioner/Teacher

In 2014, Andrea's teacher & Creatrix Ebone' Graham introduced her to the concept of Kundalini energy after an Akashic record reading. Ebone' understood Andrea's desire to heal herself and her communities. After her Level 3 attunements, she has practiced healing as a Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher two years after.


During Full & New Moon cycles, she’s used her gift to help others clear unwanted/negative emotions & manifest goals & intentions. Reiki sessions can be done distantly during the global pandemic.

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