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1:1 Pleasure Mapping Review ✨

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

What folx are saying about their virtual 1:1 Pleasure Mapping sessions:

Text reads:

“Andrea has a welcoming & calm vibe that made it east to open up and dive into the pleasure mapping experience with ease & comfort. I recommend her especially if you have social anxiety and want to explore expanding your pleasure/s.” -Dez

I’ll be booking free 30-minutes virtual Pleasure Mapping for attendees of Sex Down South.

Click here: use the code: EVERYDAMNBODY.

This offer is only good until 9/16 (a few more days) so book your session soon!

During our session, we’ll:

- talk about what pleasure mapping is & its benefits

-pleasure map the body part of your choice

-discuss ways to prioritize pleasure in your life

Let's connect soon!

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