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WCW Healing Service

We support the wholeness & healing of Black womxn and folx through doula support and reiki. 

Full Spectrum


Andrea fell in love with 'doula support work'  when she started caring for her pregnant older sister as a teen. She had no idea this was a thing. 

She took her first Birth, Labor & Postpartum training May 2019 & became certified soon after. Andrea proudly supported in her first birth Feburary 2020. 

In 2021, she started her Full Spectrum Doula Training with BADT & uncovered her heart for supporting NICU families (s/o the other premies) & families who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. 

Andrea became certified as a Childbirth Educator Autumn 2022. 

She's ready to support families through many life experiences. Both in-person & virtual services are available. 

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Reiki Practitioner & Teacher

In 2014, Andrea's teacher & Creatrix Ebone' Graham introduced her to the concept of Kundalini energy after an Akashic record reading. Ebone' understood Andrea's desire to heal herself and her communities. After her Level 3 attunements, she has practiced healing as a Kundalini reiki practitioner since 2016

Since 2021, she's been training other Black empath, healers, doulas, yogis etc. on learn about Kundalini energy & how to be great practitioners. 

Ask about her "Rock Your Chakras" & Reiki 201 classes! Also ask about her Summer reiki training! 

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