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10 Questions To Ask Your Birth Doula (LIVE)

I went LIVE on Youtube 30 minutes ago (for the first time!) to talk about '10 Questions To Ask Your Prospective Birth Doula'

It's important that birthing people & families ask the right questions so they can find the best fit to support their families' needs. Here are the 10 questions:

  • What's your philosophy of birth?

  • Have you supported in a birth? Tell me about your last birth support?

  • Why'd you become a doula?

  • What are your business values as a doula?

  • What kind of births have you supported? (Hospital / Birth Centers /Home)

  • What are your fears as a birth doula?

  • What does your pricing / packages include?

  • Do you have any reviews we can check out? Testimonials?

  • What are your biases in birth, labor & postpartum support? How do you ease those & not project them onto families?

  • What are your greatest joys in birth work?


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