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1st Workshop for Pregnant Folx in 2023

Heeeeyyyy! How y’all doin! I know it’s been a minute since I’ve been on this thang! Just wanted to share: it’s been a year since I launched this podcast!

Check out my latest podcast of “According To A Badass Sex Doula” Listen in here:

In this short episode I encourage folks not to pressure themselves or put themselves down if they hadn’t accomplished all that they wanted to do in 2022.

I also mentioned that my first workshop for 2023 is in a few weeks! I’ll be supporting pregnant folx, parents & their families uncover pleasure in their bodies again. Via Pleasure Mapping. We’ll have some great conversations about how you define sensual pleasure as pregnant folks and parents. We’ll even uncover new sensual pleasure through “mapping” our faces, necks, & scalp.

If you’re pregnant or partnered with someone who is, this is the workshop for you. It’s Sunday Jan. 22nd @ 1p CST. $25/attendee and/or family.

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