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3 Self Care Tips for the Holidays ✨

Repost from @birthingadvocacy

"Hope you enjoy these tips from Andrea Richardson (she/her/Goddess), who led a wonderful breathwork session for a group of BADTies yesterday!⁠

Andrea is a certified full spectrum doula (BADT) & reiki practitioner/teacher. She's the owner of Womb Care Womxn, a healing services business based in Saint Louis, MO. It's her joy to support folks along their healing journey. She's thankful to have this opportunity to support the BADT students and alumni community.⁠

Connect with Andrea:⁠


IG: @wombcarewomxn⁠

[ID: A carousel of 4 slides. Slide 1, 2, and 4 has bold yellow text on a dark red background. Slide 3 is the opposite color-wise with Dark red text on yellow. Slide one says: "Self-care tips for the holidays. by Andrea Richardson. (she/her) Reiki Practitioner & Teacher. BADT ALUMNI." Slide two says: "Remember the things you love to do that bring you COMFORT around this time. Make sure to move your body, stretch, spend extra time touching your skin, engage in solo or partnered play BEFORE work or on the weekends." Slide three says: "Talk it out. Talking it out is great mental and psychological self-care. Talk about your stressors, anxiety, and feelings that come up around the holidays. After you’ve written all of your frustrations out, rip it up and discard it safely. Check in with your body to see if it feels like a weight has lifted. If not, repeat. Repeat until you feel less stressed in your body." Slide four says: "Create a plan. Gather up your plan and write it down. Read it to your loves so they can help you remember, stick to it, and hold you accountable. This plan will help cultivate your emotional self-care."]

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