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48-Hour Vow of Silence

I felt lead earlier this week to do a 48-hour vow of silence. (Thank goodness for scheduled posts) I'll start my silence now Saturday August 28th @ 5a and end it Monday August 30th 5a)

I'm looking to recharge, restore and connect with my high self and ancestors during this time. I plan on journaling, dancing, and resting (which looks like deep breathing & daydreaming).

I was first introduced to the idea of doing 48 hour vows of silence by Gigi from @iamlivingaligned. I did my first vow with her. I was nice journaling and reflecting. I had such great REST, too. This vow is a practice of REST for me. (Shout out to @thenapministry spreading their ministry of rest)

I encourage parents of young children to rest. Even if they can't do a 48 hour of silence, they can do an hour or 2. Set a timer and enlist in community care to support them during this silence & restoration. For more tips, hit me up (I'll get back with you Monday)

I'll be answering comments, DMs, emails, texts/FB messages, etc. Monday August 28th.

See you then & enjoy your weekend!

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