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48-Hour Vow of Silence (February 27-March 1st)

Happy radical care Monday!

I've enjoyed the sweet communion and conversations with community during my 7-Day Solo Pleasure Challenge last week. It's been so dope & deep!

Starting today, tho, I'm limititing initiating conversations, social media usage & engagment. I'll taking a 48-hour vow of silence starting today 2/27 @ 8a CST

Vows of silence tend to help us to:


rest our vocal cords

not take speaking & your words for granted

assists with helping us think before we speak.

to observe truth

control anger

channel emotions

align with spirit & our higher selves

They make this work so sweet, especially when they are wrapped in gratitude.

During this time, I'm going to JOURNAL, dance, watch comedies, fill my cup.

So, if you email, text, call know that I received it, but won't respond until Wednesday March 1stT

Enjoy your day!

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