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5 Skills You Need To Become A Bad@ss Reiki Practitioner ✨

Here are 5 Skills You Need To Become A Bad@ss Reiki Practitioner

1: Let Go of Your Ego so spirit can use you. Remembers that healers dont heal ONLY support in folx’s healing

2. Learn the 7 major chakras. Much of our work as reiki practitioners involves chakras. Its important that we understand and work with them. Clients, too.

3. Create great spiritual boundaries. Stay connected to your ancestors and higher self. If prospective clients are seeking to make you their guru, let them know what you can & can’t provide as a practitioner. Stick to it-

4. Learn How To Center & Ground. Reiki healing can be powerful for both practitioner and clients! It’s important that we master centering before & after sessions so we dont take on energies after sessions.

5. Cultivate spiritual hygiene. Whatever you practice as a healer: meditation, gratitude lists, connection with ancestors, etc Do it daily to help strengthen your spiritual hygiene so you can be an amazing practitioner.

Wanna learn more? I’ll be facilitating a class on 10 skills you need in order to become a bad@ss reiki practitioner.

Sunday Nov 19th @ 2p CST.

Click the link in bio to sign up ✨

only 10 spots available!

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