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5 Ways To Balance Your Root Chakra

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

The root chakra houses our sense of safety and security. It’s located right at our tail bone. When it’s unbalanced, we can feel insecure, anxious.

Here are 5 ways to get our root chakra back in alignment! Let’s gooo!

✨ Take a salt bath

The magnesium will restore & recenter, release that tension. Ever feel recentered after a good salt bath.? Of course, right! Get some epsom salt and relax your body.

❤️Wear the color red

Check yourself in the mirror while you wear red. Do you feel protected while wearing red?

-Do some solo play ‼️

Ever feel grounded after touching & hugging your body? Take some mindful moments to hold & touch your warm skin. Make it sweet and mindful, babes.

-Wearing crystals like black obsidian & red jasper 🥰

Whether we wear them in our bras, pants, bags and purses, they are restorative af. Many crystals like this help to absorb all those unwanted & negative emotions OUT of our bodies.

-Listen to root chakra meditation music❣️

Do a search on Youtube ‘root chakra meditation music. Try listening to them in ear buds or in the background as you work. And watch your body calm!

Here are other ways!

-Go out in nature

-Walk barefoot (indoors or outdoors)

-journal or audio record

-deep breathe

-mediate or visualize

Be well!

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