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Best Solo Date Ever!

Yesterday, I had the best solo date ever!

I live near the prettiest churches! They are places of worship but they are aesthetically pleasing for me.

I’m not a fan of roses, but rosebushes are pretty.

I love spices & earthy handmade soaps.

My henna tattoo is from Love From Mehndi! @loveismehndi I’m waiting on it to dry so I can do after care.) Trees are my favorite! (I hope to come back as one in my next life)

I’m excited about my mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, jalapeños (not show here). I have some good plans for all of those!

I enjoyed the warm wind & sun beaming down on my bald head. It felt amazing!

My necklace is by Awo Falayewo Harris from Rose & Victory Handcrafted Jewelry

When was your last solo date? What did you end up doing?


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