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Birth is non binary

Repost from @queerbirthworker

adjective: non-binary


1. not relating to, composed of, or involving just two things.

Yes, babies are made in one way: sperm fertilizes egg. But by assuming each pregnant/ birthing person is a cis-gendered woman, we are actively doing harm. One of the first things we can to do to provide respectful, evidence based support is to recognize that all kinds of people give birth.

Women give birth. Men give birth. Trans folks give birth. Non-binary folks give birth. Folks outside the binary give birth. The pregnant/ birthing person determines who they are, how they identify, and how they want to be addressed.

🔈Cis-gendered women are not the only people who give birth 🔈

Birth is non-binary.



hey folx. i'm king yaa (they, them, king!)

i’m a queer & trans centred reproductive health advocate who supports folx of all sexual & gender identities to have safer & inclusive repro healthcare that they need.

i'd love for you to join the qmunity of safer and inclusive reproductive health warriors that is doing the work to make decolonized, intersectional and liberational spaces for people of all genders.

my course, Birthing Beyond the Binary will help you prepare to create such a space. registration is still open.

to learn more about the BBB course, check the link in my bio.

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