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Birth, Los & Postpartum Plans

Looking for support in creating birth, loss and/or postpartum plans?

I named my birth doula service (Creation of birth loss & postpartum plans) after Octavia Butler because she created a plan for how she wanted to show up in her life. She knew how important “writing” herself in was. She also knew there was power is intention & seeing ourselves in the future.

With my Octavia service, I help facilitate you writing yourself into your ideal birth, help you grieve your losses (loss of not having your ideal birth, loss of your old body or former family or even an advance birth plan) & help you plan for the 4th trimester (who will support you and your family & how).

I’ll help you to write, envision and implement these plans for $222

If you’re in need of creating plans during your

pregnant, birth and postpartum journey, hit me up at & look for the “Octavia” plan under “Doula services.

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