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Birth, Loss & Postpartum Planning

Need support in creating birth, loss & postpartum plans? I got you!

Octavia includes:

-One 3hr. session where I’m helping you to create one birth, loss & postpartum plan

Birth plans are for your birth preferences . The plan includes environment, birthing space, pain management & emotional, physical comfort measures, after birth plans, etc during your labor, birth and beyond.

A loss plan includes a discussion about what you’ll be expanding or leaving behind before the birth & after birth (new body, new family, new outlook, etc) . We'll reflect on and try to prepare for the change, while leaving space for grief. We’ll write things down.

For families who are aware that they are experiencing any pregnancy and infant loss, we’ll create an advance care plan, along with grief and self care activities so you can take care of your emotional, physical, spiritual needs moving forward.

Your postpartum plan includes your preferences for names of folks on your postpartum team (who will support you after birth) states your emotional and physical needs & how they will be met.

I’m able to support your planning for $222.

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