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Birth & Postpartum Virtual Doula Services

Doulas (Doo-las) are trained professionals who offer non-medical, emotional, physical, educational, and physical support for birthing people during their pregnancy journey (from conception to postpartum & beyond).For Black pregnant parents, especially, Black doulas help people navigate the hospitals/birthing centers/home births, advocate for their birthing and postpartum needs, honor & respect their birthing & postpartum wishes and plans.

I’m Andrea, owner of Womb Care Womxn. I’m a full-spectrum doula based in Saint Louis, MO. I specialize in BIPOC population, LGBTQA+, Full Bodied/Plus Size, Low/Middle Income Populations, Survivors of Sexual Assault, Abortion Support, Pregnancy & Infant Loss, End of Life Support. I’m also a certified pregnancy and infant loss advocate. I believe that birth & postpartum doulas should understand & be knowledgeable about pregnancy and infant loss, as well. I have an educational background as I worked with very young children as an early childhood educator for 6 years before I started working full-time as a doula.

I received my doula training and certification at Jamaa Birth Village here in Saint Louis, May 2019. I assisted in my first birth Feb. 2020. Since then, I’ve been educating my communities about how Black doulas can support Black pregnant folks during this Black Perinatal (Maternity) Crisis.I’ve also been working with Black moms who are surviors of human & sex trafficing. Last November, I did training on how to support survivors who desire to give birth. I also have lived experience as a sexual assault survivor.

I offer full-spectrum, queer-affirming & inclusive birth and postartum doula care & services to Black birthing folks and their familes. I’m proud to be offering my birth and postpartum care services virtually.

I am able to offer:

Emotional support (via video or Zoom/tex/phone)

Prenatal & postpartum visits

Research & offer advice

Visit Dr. appointments (via video or Zoom)

Model comfort measures (via video or Zoom)

Phone/text/email support

Continuous labor support (during active labor)

Being on-call for pregnant person (@ 37-weeks)

I’m elated about offering virtual doula services! Can’t wait to connect with you!

Find out more info & to book your consultation @ or email me:

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