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Black Perinatal (Maternity) Health Week

Why use the term perinatal? Perinatal means the time a person is pregnant and after birth. It's includes folks who are pregnant & birthing and don't use the term maternity the language & and experiences don't land comfortably) to describe their pregnancy journey.

Perinatal includes er'body. Every pregnant and birthing body. :)

So, this week marks the 5th year anniversary of Black Perinatal Health Week. It's an excellent week to:

-Deepen national conversations about Black perinatal health in the US.

-Amplify community-driven policy, research and care solutions.

-Center the voices of Black birthing folks, women, families and stakeholders

-Provide a national platform for Black-led entities and efforts on perinatal health, birth and reproductive justice

-Enhance community organizing on Black perinatal health

Will you talk about Black perinatal health with your families and friends? How will you begin conversations about birthing traditions? Do you know your states' ideas about birth policies?

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